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Popular Piece Of Modern Literature - Free Essay Example

The Lord Of The Flies is a popular piece of modern literature by the Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding, red by many students to this day. The Nobel Prize-winning British author William Golding was born on September 19, 1911, Newquay, Cornwall, England and died on June 19, 1993, Perranarworthal, Cornwall, England at the age of 81. In 1940 Golding temporarily abandoned teaching in Bishop Wordsworths School in Salisbury to join the Royal Navy to fight in WWII. Upbound the Lord Of The Flies publish in 1954, the Lord of the Flies did not have great success after being released, it was Goldings first novel. During time was after the war of WWII that is why there is a war element in the book of Lord Of The Flies The book sold about three thousand copies in the United States during 1955, before the Lord Of The Flies was going out of print it went on to become a best-seller of that year. The critics, some thought that Goldings novel [Lord Of The Flies] has a remarkably complete and solid structure(Kinkead- Weekes and Gregor 15). This shows that for the readers it took time for them to appreciate Goldings work after a year. Critically they agree that Goldings work was solid and complete, which these are the reasons why Goldings book Lord Of The Flies is a popular book till today. The Lord Of The Flies follows chronological order. It starts with all characters arriving on to the island. There are sequences of dreaming like the kids dreaming about the beasty or when Simon daydreamed about the Lord Of Flies near the dead body of the pilot. Throughout chapter 1-4, the tension rises between Jack and Ralf, the two leaders. At the end of the book, every one cried when the adult came to save them. The comparison of the start and the end is the process of becoming savages and reverting back to kids when the adult came. The similarity between the start and the end is that they all revert back to a kid in the end, just like they got there. The book is told on a deserted island following the character after they crashed on it, the story is most likely take place during WWII because the mention of war and the book is published 10 years after WWII. The Lord Of The Flies is told from a third person omniscient and present term view. The point of view throughout the story did not change. Because this allows Golding to follow and talk about any of the characters at any point of the story. This is done to distances the reader as to allow Golding to judge the characters actions at any point of the story. Goldings use of syntax of long periodic sentences when describing the peaceful coral island shaded with greens and purples. And some time shorter sentences like when Golding describes moments of violence or high tension. For an example, for the all pigs death, Golding uses great detail and imagery to create stress an tension. All these is to create a full image for the reader to feel, see, and imagine that part of the event.

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Character Analysis of Esperanza in The House on Mango...

Esperanza, a strong- willed girl who dreams big despite her surroundings and restrictions, is the main character in The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. Esperanza represents the females of her poor and impoverished neighborhood who wish to change and better themselves. She desires both sexuality and autonomy of marriage, hoping to break the typical life cycle of woman in her family and neighborhood. Throughout the novel, she goes through many different changes in search of identity and maturity, seeking self-reliance and interdependence, through insecure ideas such as owning her own house, instead of seeking comfort and in one’s self. Esperanza matures as she begins to see the difference. She evolves from an insecure girl to a†¦show more content†¦With all the troubles in the adult’s world, the children seek a refuge from adult supervision and harassment. Monkey Garden is that refuge; it is a place where the neighborhood kids can misbehave, play and st ill be kids. In one instance Esperanza is pressured into changing herself because of the different situations that Sally, Esperanza’s sexually bold friend. Sally puts her in these situations by lying or abandoning Esperanza. After feeling ashamed of not understanding why Sally flirts with the boys in The Monkey Garden, Esperanza comes to a realization with the following quote, â€Å"And the garden that had been such a good place to play didn’t seem mine either† (Cisneros 98). Sally puts Esperanza in a situation where she feels ashamed and uncomfortable being in her own skin and not understanding how Sally acts with the boys. Whereas Esperanza initially pays close attention when her and Sally discuss things, including boys and sex, when Sally abandons Esperanza at the fair, she discovers that how Sally describes sex is not how Esperanza first encounters it, because she is raped and, clearly it is a horrible experience. She says, â€Å"Sally, you lied. It wasnà ¢â‚¬â„¢t what you said at all. What he did. Where he touched me. I didn’t want it Sally.† (Cisneros 99) Sally is not a loyal friend to Esperanza. She has been left on her own to deal with this horrible experience that is forcing her to shed all childhood innocence.Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The House On Mango Street 1367 Words   |  6 PagesBaker ENG 102 – 2006 14 April 2017 Esperanza’s Mango Street The House on Mango Street is a short novel that packs a strong and deliberate message. At first, when reading the first few chapters, one assumes that this book is going to be a simple story about some young girl’s life, but as the reader continues to read on, that perspective about the story changes because of the story’s complexity. The House on Mango Street has received many praises amongst critics for its well-definedRead MoreAnalysis Of The House On Mango Street1051 Words   |  5 Pages Analysis of The House on Mango Street By: Sandra Cisneros Carley Deklotz GWSS:1001:0A02 Professor Sue Stanfield The environment people grow up in can have a huge impact on their identity and who they become. In the novel, The House on Mango Street, the author tells a series of short stories through the eyes of Esperanza Cordero. Esperanza is a young Latina growing up in Chicago, and through her stories shows the reader her environment and how in affects her. Things like gender roles, sexualRead MoreThe House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros766 Words   |  3 Pageswriting a literary analysis on â€Å"The House on Mango Street† by Sandra Cisneros. This story takes place in the center of an over populated Latino neighborhood in Chicago, a city where many of the poor areas are ethnically segregated. This novella uses two main symbols shoes and trees. Later in the literary analysis I will explain what these mean to the main characters. There are three main characters in the novella Esperanza, Sally and Nenny (short for â€Å"Magdalena†). The House on Mango Street tells the lifeRe ad MoreLiterary Analysis Of The House On Mango Street1163 Words   |  5 PagesEzra Collins English 9: Tetlak Literary Analysis: The House on Mango Street November 3, 2017 Remember Where Your From The House on Mango Street On average 40,093,000 people in the United States move annually. In the book The House on Mango Street the main character Esperanza and her family are included in this number. They Come very poor roots, and they don t have much money. They move often, one day dreaming to live in a real house, one they don t have to share, one with their own yard, withRead MoreChronicle Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez1492 Words   |  6 Pagessame outlet of writing that has yielded a larger audience. Authors who have taken to the art of writing to express themselves are Sandra Cisneros and Julia Alvarez authors of both The House on Mango Street and In the Time of the Butterflies. To better understand the difference of those born in Latin America and In the those from Latin America, there must be an analysis of both works by different authors as well as scholarly articles.With the use of these lenses it can be seen that the writing stylesRead MoreWorld History Essay1533 Words   |à ‚  7 PagesSummer Reading Assignment Name: ____ __________________ 10th Grade The House on Mango Street Before returning to school next school year, you will need to read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and complete this assignment. This organizer is intended to guide your reading and focus your thoughts in preparation for the discussions, summer reading quiz and writing assignments you will engage in when you return in September. By carefully completing this assignment over

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Global Climate Change Essay - 1531 Words

Global Climate Change Climate change is not a new concept; in fact there is evidence of major climate changes throughout the earths history. However since the industrial revolution and especially since world war two, there has been an unprecedented change in the earths atmosphere (Gates 4). As of March 1999, scientists reported the construction of a thousand-year record of the average temperature on earth. The results of their study concluded that a nine hundred-year cooling trend has been decisively reversed within the last fifty years (Bell and Strieber 9-10). The effects of these rapid atmospheric changes are seen in increased storm intensity, rising seas, drier cropland, dying forests and coral reefs, proliferating†¦show more content†¦The Size of the Problem While some scientists disagree about the cause or rate at which the earth is warming, scientific research leads us to believe that the temperature rise is real (Verma 125-127). The global average temperature is predicted to rise som ewhere between 1 and 3.5 Celsius degrees by 2100, according to the rate of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gasses that continue to be emitted (Flavin and Dunn 6). In 1998 the global average temperature exceeded even the most radical global warming models whose predictions were as recent as 1995. 1998 ended up as the warmest year recorded in history until 1999, when it became clear that temperatures were rising much faster than ever expected (Bell and Streiber). Contrary to popular belief the greenhouse effect is not a bad thing. It is completely natural and it is in fact vital to our survival on earth. Without the greenhouse effect, the world would actually be about 33 degrees Celsius colder (Read 28). In recent years however, we have been experiencing too much of a good thing. Greenhouse gasses prevent the suns heat from escaping the earths atmosphere after it enters, making the temperature rise. We base our global warming models on the amount of carbon dioxide and oth er greenhouse gasses humankind is releasing into the air (Bell and Strieber 197). The acceleration of global warming can be linked to an increase in industry, forestShow MoreRelatedClimate Change And Global Change1531 Words   |  7 PagesArroyo, executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown Law. We can t lose another four years, much less eight years (Neuhauser). The next Americans President, experts say, may be the very last who can avert catastrophe from climate change which makes it very important for the next American President to give climate change the top most priority. This requires the Presidential candidates to believe in the danger posed by climate change. In addition to this, it also requires theRead MoreClimate Change Is The Global Climate System1369 Words   |  6 PagesClimate is part of our everyday lives. What we experience is the global climate system. According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, climate change is, a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity alters the composition of the atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods. (Allen, Seaman Delascio, 2009) Australia’s climate has warmed a lot more since 1910 by the average ofRead MoreGlobal Climate Change And Global Warming1054 Words   |  5 Pagesreally isn t much of a secret that global climate change is happening. From the melting of the polar ice caps, to record severe temperatures, rise in natural disasters, rise in pollution, greater number of vector-borne and water borne illnesses, and much more. Unless there is something done to change the current technology being used to provide energy to the human population global climate change will only continue to get worse. Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st centuryRead MoreGlobal Climate Change : The Global Warming1472 Words   |  6 PagesThe Global Climate Change Currently when human life is growing, human activities impact on the environment and climate to lead to global climate change. Climate change is a problem of the whole world, and that is the big challenge for human kind. So what is climate change? Evolution of how it? Climate change is the change of weather, climate, may be due to human or natural causes. The specific expression that we often hear about is the phenomenon does not stop warming the earth, the greenhouse effectRead MoreGlobal Warming : A Global Climate Change1457 Words   |  6 Pageshappened by global warming like, increasing the temperature degrees, and melting the snow mountains around the word. However, global warming has played a major role in changing the weather all over the world. The climate change all over the world is a proof that the weather conditions are changing. Global warming has made some of the hottest land cold now and the countries that never had a summer in millenniums are now having sunlight reg ularly. These are the basic changes that signify that global warmingRead MoreGlobal Warming And Global Climate Change1354 Words   |  6 PagesIt is becoming a less and less contested issue that global climate change is a significant issue. When the idea of global warming first burst onto the main stage in the late 20th century, a majority of Americans were skeptical. Many of the predictions that the original scientists made proved to be incorrect, and often the scientific methods the scientists used were faulty. Since the early stages though, the science behind global climate change has gotten better. We now have more data and better modelsRead MoreGlobal Warming And Global Climate Change1139 Words   |  5 Pages The topic of global climate change has been a much debated topic over the years. There is no real scientific consensus on global warming. However, much destruction has happened to the earth that questions the scientific or empirical link between extreme weather and global climate change. There are a lot of events that happens around the globe such as floods, increased precipitation, sea-level rise, and hurricanes that questions the theory of global climate change. Without any clear cut evidenceRead MoreGlobal Warming And Global Climate Change1531 Words   |  7 PagesIn the last twenty years, the issues surrounding global climate change have become increasingly dominant in the international community, as the implications associated with the global issue pose many threats to the environment and humanity as a whole. Beginning in the 1970’s, scientific research regarding pollution led scientists to discover that chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) where destroying the ozone layer , posing threats to plant and animal life, and humans as a rise in skin cancer followed. LuckilyRead MoreGlobal Warming And Global Climate Change1565 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal warming and global climate change has been a consistent news headline and global topic for the past two decades. From a political standpoint, there has been great debate as to whether or not humans are completely to blame, partially to blame, or to blame at all for the changes we are seeing in the Earth’s climate. However, from a scientific perspective, this is not the case. From the Kyoto Protocol, to dummy-downed explanation like in Al Gore’s â€Å"An Inconvenient Truth†, to NASA’s comprehensiveRead MoreGlobal Climate Change : The Global Warming1633 Words   |  7 PagesThe Global Climate Change Currently, when human life is growing, human activities play an impact on the environment and climate, which leads to global climate change. Climate change is a problem of the whole world, and therefore remains a huge challenge for life on Earth. So what is climate change? Evolution of how it change? Climate change is caused by natural causes or by humans which possibly fluctuates the cycle of change in weather and climate. The specific expression that we often hear about

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Reaction Paper On Type 2 Diabetes - 968 Words

Discussion Epidemiological studies have proven that BGF is an independent high mortality risk factor for diabetic patients due to vascular complications 26, 27. Nevertheless, the molecular mechanism underlying this process is unclear. In parallel, miRs are known as key mediators in multiple physiological and pathological conditions, but their involvement in the detrimental effects of BGF is unknown. The objective of the present study was double: first, we aimed to confirm the detrimental effects of BGF on vascular endothelial complications in type 2 diabetes; secondly, we intended to scrutinize the possible involvement of miR-34 family members in this process. We showed that BGF exacerbated the detrimental effects associated with type 2†¦show more content†¦Significantly increased ET-1 level was found in all diabetes model rats. Furthermore, ET-1 level was highest in the FHG group. Combining the previous researches and our results, BGF might increase the risk of cardiovascular complica tions in diabetic patients. Oxidative stress is associated with postprandial hyperglycaemia via destroying the natural antioxidant defense of systems and organs 7. SOD activity indirectly reflects the antioxidant capacity, and the level of MDA indirectly reflects the degree of cells damage by oxygen free radical 36. Largely diminished SOD activity and increased MDA content were measured in BGF model compared with other diabetes model according to a previous study 37. Oxidative stress is produced in the skin of diabetic mice with BGF, which accelerates the skin damage 37. Consistently, the level of SOD was lowest while MDA level was highest in the FHG model rats, which might suggest the most severe oxidative stress injury caused by BGF. Furthermore, NO plays important roles in many processes, including immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems 38, 39. Recent evidence suggests that NO can cause net hemodynamic changes through interacting with other vasodilation mediators, such as adenosine and prostacyclin 40.Sh ow MoreRelatedDiabetes Mellitus : Type 1 Diabetes1017 Words   |  5 PagesBushaw Diabetes Mellitus: Type 1 Diabetes Research Paper 11/16/2014 Diabetes Mellitus also known as—Juvenile Onset Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, and Insulin Dependent Diabetes. It is a chronic autoimmune disease described by high blood glucose levels due to insulin levels being inadequate to maintain normal glucose levels. This research paper will discuss the symptoms and signs, etiology, who it triggers, how it happen, and treatment for Type 1 Diabetes. Symptoms and signs of Type 1 Diabetes are hyperglycemiaRead MoreGlucose: The Most Important Monosaccharide in the Body1038 Words   |  4 Pagesserves such important functions, understanding the biochemistry and clinical applications of malfunction of glucose metabolism are important. Glucose testing in a hospital setting can lead to important results such as if a patient has diabetes or hyperglycemia. This paper focuses on glucose testing done in a clinical setting and the biochemistry behind why and how glucose testing serves such an important role. Biochemistry of Glucose and its metabolism: As it has already been established glucoseRead MoreMiss1290 Words   |  6 PagesThursday 1 March 2012 – Morning Time: 1 hour You must have: Calculator, ruler Paper Reference 5BI1H/01 Total Marks Instructions se b ink or †¢ Uill inlack boxesball-point pen. page with your name, F the a the top of this †¢ centre number andt candidate number. nswer all uestions. †¢ Answer theqquestions in the spaces provided †¢ A there may be more space than you need. – Information paper †¢ The total markefor thisuestion is 60.shown in brackets ach q are †¢ ThesemarksRead MoreEZSCAN: Diagnosing Early Diabetes926 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Running Head: DIABETES: EZSCAN Evidence Based Practice Paper Diabetes EZSCAN Introduction . Diabetes is a very common chronic medial disorder and expected to be a big medical challenge of the twenty first century (Clark, 2004). It is a condition, in which the glucose level in the blood becomes so high that the body is unable to utilize it properly. This long-term condition results when the pancreas of the victim is either not able to produce enough insulin (sometimes even cannot produce anyRead MoreEssay On St. Louis1597 Words   |  7 Pagessedentary lifestyle is 22 percent, which are comparatively low prevalence compared to the United States average. According to the Community Health Improvement plan of June 2014 the major health disparities were cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes (Health department, 2014). Heart disease and cancer accounted for 40 percent of the deaths in the city (Health department, 2014). Objectives were implemented in the Community Health Improvement Plan to include; an obesity plan, ensuring equitableRead MoreThe Treatment Of Pancreatic Transplants1251 Words   |  6 Pagesthe last several years to help patients with Type 1 DM and the complications that arise from the disease. The increasing numbers of people with diabetes is cause for concern. In some cases diabetes can be prevented but in others its more about genetics; but with many medical advances patients have a better chance for survival. With advancements in surgical procedures pancreatic transplants are improving as well as the increased odds of curing Type 1. When this happens this will decrease theRead MoreEffects Of Black Ginseng Ethanol Extract Essay828 Words   |  4 Pagesextract (BGE) in typical type 2 diabete model db/db mice was investigated. The effect of BGE in Type 2 diabetic mice was investigated by their blood analysis, biological mechanism analysis, and histological analysis. The mice group treated with BGE showed decreased fasting blood glucose and glucose tolerance compared to the nontreated BGE group. In the blood analysis, BGE de creased main plasma parameter such as HbA1c, triglyceride, and total-cholesterol levels related to diabetes and improved the expressionRead MoreIs Diabetes A Common Disease?1358 Words   |  6 Pagesdisease that we mostly discuss that causes illness to people’s health in our society is diabetes. It is believed that 50 percent of people living in Canada have been determined to have diabetes. Diabetes is a common disease that mostly occurs with people who are in old age along with specific group of individuals. Healthcare experts are trying to find ways to improve the healthcare of individuals with diabetes by anticipating ways by providing preventing and treatment measures for patients with thisRead MoreEssay Understanding Diabetes1726 Words   |  7 Pages Diabetes is a very well known disorder. Nearly eighteen million people in the United States alone have diabetes. Diabetes is a serious illness, and there are about 1,800 new cases are being diagnosed each day. To completely understand diabetes, a person must first know how the body works with the disease and then determine which type of diabetes he/she has. There are three types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and Gestational diabetes. There are many factors that play into the developmentRead MoreWhat Is Canagliflozin At Lowering Blood Glucose Levels?947 Words   |  4 Pagesoccur, especially in women, because of the mechanism of the drugs. 1,2 Background: Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disorder in which the body does not properly respond to insulin well, thus allowing high concentrations of glucose to accumulate in the blood. Metformin is the first line of treatment for a diabetic patient; however, sometimes this treatment alone is not enough to lower blood glucose levels. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that additional therapy should be added if a patient’s

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Prospero and Caliban of William Shakespeares The Tempest...

Prospero and Caliban of William Shakespeares The Tempest Within The Tempest, characters such as Prospero and Caliban share an intimate connection. Without some kind of malevolent force motivating the action of the play, none of the major characters would come into contact with each other. A violent storm, formed by Prosperos magic, subjects the foreign characters to the might of his mysterious power. Issues of control become a central part of The Tempest. One way in which this is highlighted is through the relationship between Prospero and Caliban, his bestial servant. Their relationship does not utilize the conventional imagery of those who hold power versus those who do not. Rather, Caliban comes to symbolize a physical†¦show more content†¦Caliban says: When thou camest first, Thou strokedst me and madest much of me, wouldst give me Water with berries int, and teach me how To name the bigger light, and how the less, That burn by day and night: and then I loved thee And showd thee all the qualities o the isle, (I . ii. 332-7) When they met, Caliban was uneducated, and did not know how to communicate with Miranda and Prospero. Under the tutelage of both people, Caliban learned to differentiate between day and night. The greater light in the passage referring to the sun itself. On another level, however, Prospero taught Caliban the difference between what was good, and what was evil. The fact that Caliban turned out the way that he did, points to a possible reason why Prospero treats Caliban in such a strict fashion. Because Caliban was given the freedom to choose good over evil, Prospero blames himself for Caliban?s desire to rape his daughter. Because he did not teach Caliban well enough, the responsibility of taking care of Caliban fall directly on the person who initiated him into the civilized world--Prospero. At the end of the play, Prospero recognizes his responsibility for Caliban when he says,...this thing of darkness I/ Acknowledge mine. (V. I. 275-6) Though he tells Ferdinand that Caliban is unde r his control (just as Stephano and Trinculo are under Alonso), Prospero claims more than leadership of Caliban. In this instance Caliban belongs to ProsperoShow MoreRelated Aime Cesaires A Tempest Clarifies Shakespeares The Tempest1683 Words   |  7 PagesCesaires A Tempest Clarifies Shakespeares The Tempest      Ã‚  Ã‚   Negritude, originally a literary and ideological movement of French-speaking black intellectuals, reflects an important and comprehensive reaction to the colonial situation of European colonization (Carlberg).   This movement, which influenced Africans as well as blacks around the world, specifically rejects the political, social, and moral domination of the West.  Ã‚   Leopold Senghor, Leon Damas, and Aime Cesaire are the three pioneersRead MoreWorld Events Influencing Shakespeare ¨s The Tempest Essay example1277 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"What’s past is Prologue† – William Shakespeare Shakespeare lived and produced much of his famous works during the time when Queen Elizabeth ruled England and Ireland. This era was known as the Elizabethan Era. The world and its people were quickly evolving. It was the â€Å"golden age† of poetry, music and literature. It was in the midst of European exploration that Shakespeare wrote, The Tempest. It would be safe to suggest that many of the worldly events during this time, such as the shipwreck ofRead More tempcolon Confronting Colonialism and Imperialism in Aime Cesaires A Tempest1403 Words   |  6 PagesColonialism in A Tempest   Ã‚  Ã‚   A Tempest by Aime Cesaire is an attempt to confront and rewrite the idea of colonialism as presented in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.   He is successful at this attempt by changing the point of view of the story.   Cesaire transforms the characters and transposes the scenes to reveal Shakespeare’s Prospero as the exploitative European power and Caliban and Ariel as the exploited natives.   Cesaire’s A Tempest is an effective response to Shakespeare’s The Tempest because heRead More Conflict and Harmony in The Tempest Essay1390 Words   |  6 PagesConflict and Harmony in The Tempest   Ã‚  Ã‚   William Shakespeare describes a utopic world saturated with supernatural images and ideas which works to create the mysterious island where The Tempest takes place.   This is one of Shakespeares best examples of how a natural harmony reveals itself through the actions of discourse and confusion.   To illustrate this idea best one must examine the historical context upon which The Tempest is based.   Because this play was published in the early 1600sRead MoreThe Tempest By William Shakespeare1705 Words   |  7 PagesLiterature Mr. Nath 5 December 2014 The Tempest Written between 1610 and 1611, The Tempest by William Shakespeare is the final play penned by the famous Bard. The play portrays the illusory struggle of power and conscience through the character of Prospero and his egocentric motives. Politically, the play can be seen as an analysis of important political issues relevant to that of oppression and imperialistic tendencies of the time. Artistically, The Tempest emphasizes the nature of art, more prominentlyRead MoreFred Wilcoxs Science Fiction Film, Forbidden Plane has a Resemblance to Shakespeares The Tempest727 Words   |  3 Pages1956 science fiction film by Fred Wilcox, Forbidden Planet closely resembles many other pieces of literature. The most obvious resemblance to Forbidden Planet is Shakespeares The Tempest. As expected, the characters and plot of Forbidden Planet closely mirror those characteristics of The Tempest, with the exception that where The Tempest engages magic, Forbidden Planet utilizes technology. What is more important, however, is that how the technology works is irrelevant for the purpose of the movieRead MoreEssay on Quest for Power In The Tempest1208 Words   |  5 PagesQuest for Power In The Tempest      Ã‚   I suggest that engraved into humanitys essence is the intense desire for power. William Shakespeares play, The Tempest not only depicts this concept, but breaks it down for the reader; enabling effective analysis of this concept. Through notable characterization, Shakespeare is able to convey key concepts regarding the idea of power versus ambition. Specifically, the role that ambition and the moderation of ones ambition play in the effectiveness of controlRead MoreExamples Of Colonialism In The Tempest944 Words   |  4 PagesThe Tempest, written by playwright William Shakespeare is one of his most popular, yet also controversial plays. This paper will discuss the postcolonial interpretations of Shakespeare’s play, by looking at the nature of colonialism, and how it has been incorporated within his play, through the role of the colonized versus the colonizers. This paper will also compare how 21st century audience’s views may differ to that of the traditional Elizabethan’s, in relation to the play’s treatment of the originalRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Tempest1229 Words   |  5 Pages William Shakespeare most definitely did not reference Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s Seven Monster Theses when writing his play, The Tempest. One of Cohen’s theses though - thesis four â€Å"The Monster Dwells at the Gates of Difference† - appears quite prominently in Shakespeare’s work. The thesis articulates that monsters are divisive and often arise in a culture to make one group seem superior to another. Further, societies devise monsters in order to create a scapegoat for social and political inequitiesRead MoreAn Analysis of Power and Violence in Literature Essay1322 Words   |  6 Pagesgovernment) exerts its control and power over the ruling class using violence, but the power held by the ruling class doesn’t necessarily have to use violence. This passage is clearly portrayed in Aristophanes’ ‘Assembly Women,’ Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest,’ and Cà ©saire’s ‘A Tempest.’ These works of literature focus primarily on the acquisition of power, and how it is used to change, manipulate, and control the people/circumstances/laws in question. Aristophanes’ play, â€Å"Ecclesiazusae† or â€Å"The Assembly

Dish Washing Free Essays

Dish Washing I walk into the restaurant Red Robin, wait for my name to be called by the host and sit down in a booth with comfortable red seats. All of a sudden a man sits next to me wearing an apron soaking with water, wiping sweat from his face. It’s my brother, Zachary Walsh. We will write a custom essay sample on Dish Washing or any similar topic only for you Order Now Zach states â€Å" Man, I hate Saturday nights, too damn busy! †. What was Zach doing? Zach is a dish machine operator, or in restaurant terms, a DMO. Washing dishes you say, that sounds easy! I am afraid not my friends. Washing dishes is one of the most under appreciated jobs. Just ask the manager him self, who by the way is my Uncle. My Uncle states, â€Å" If it wasn’t for the DMO this place would be a **** whole. DMO’s work their *** off and their the ones who keep things running behind the scenes. † With only a thirty minute break from washing dishes, I thank my brother for taking this time to answer questions because I know he would much rather be doing other things. Things like enjoying his food, staying hydrated and getting his mind off washing dishes. My brother is a good guy and that’s a good thing for Red Robin because the DMO’s do the most work for the smallest pay. Here at Red Robin, the DMO’s are the bottom of totem pole. They usually get no breaks, the only time they do is if they work a double, they get paid the least and have to be stuck in the back of the kitchen where they cannot really talk to any one. â€Å" It was the worst thing I’ve ever done when I first started, but honestly you get use to it and after a while you start making friends. Luckily for me, Red Robin is a great environment and everyone is pretty chill. † Zach says, smiling, probably thinking back on all the days he use to come home and complain and threaten to quit. As stated before, a life of a DMO is not an easy one. For the most part of this interview, Zach was calm, but when he talked about what a DMO does, he got intense telling what they do. â€Å" I hate it, when I tell people I’m a DMO they usually just laugh. People do not understand that I have to wash tons of dishes and then after you put those dishes in the machine to wash, you have to go put the cleans ones away and usually you have to walk all the way across the kitchen to do this. When you have to put the dishes away, more dishes keep on coming in and this leads to a build up of plates and other things that you have to wash and it sucks! Luckily, the other staff understands Zach’s job and they are usually nice about it. The key word there though.. † he pauses, and looks back to what seems to be the front of the kitchen and finishes â€Å" is usually. † Washing dishes gets Zach paid nine dollars an hour. Zach’s been working at Red Robin for a year and half now and still has not gotten a raise. Zach says he is the lowest paid person there who has been working at Red Robin for over a year. The worst part about the hard working jobs at restaurants and farms is these types of jobs get paid the least even though they are doing the most work. At the same time, the person taking these jobs know this information before they get employed. In tough times like the one we are living in today, people will take any job they can get. Zach has recently just graduated from college and obviously needs to pay off those college loans. Being a DMO is not going to pay those loans off but it is a start. â€Å" I needed a job out of college right away and this was the only one I could find. It sucks but you got to do what you got to do. Before giving you the job they tell you it’s a sucky job and that you are going to hate it and I kind of took that as a challenge. As Zach goes to get a cup of water, my Uncle sits next to me and asks me what I was here for again. I explain to him the assignment and he sits there for a second to think. As Zach is coming back from getting water, my Uncle says, â€Å" Zach is the hardest working kid I have ever seen at Red Robin. He does the dirtiest job and never complains about it. We are sure damn lucky to have him or we most likely be screwed. † As he hits Zach in the shoulder and gets up so Zach can sit down again. Zach smiles, and even though he knows he is doing a job that does not get any credit at all, he feels proud knowing he’s made someone proud and most importantly, a family member proud. Zach’s break is over and my Uncle allows me to go back to the kitchen with Zach as long as I do not get in the way. The DMO area is a messy one to say the least. With dishes all over the place, stains on the wall, water all over the floor, it is no wonder why people do not want this job. Zach can tell from the expression on my face that I was shocked to see the place so messy. â€Å" I told you our Uncle wasn’t lying about it being a crappy job. This is actually clean compared to most Saturday nights, you should have seen last weeks mess, the place was flooded and the water was up to my ankles. And guess who had to take care of the problem? Yeah that’s right, me! † This place really did feel like the worst job ever. Along with washing dishes and putting them away, DMO’s had to do other tiny messy jobs in between washing dishes. DMO’s had to take out the trash when it was full, clean the bathrooms if there was a flood, clean up spills made by costumers because the waitress or waiters were to â€Å"busy† and the worst one, clean throw up. To do this and clean dishes takes a very hard working kid or man to do. And luckily for Red Robin, they had there guy. â€Å"One time this group of about ten baseball players come in and two stupid clowns tried to see who could eat the most. Needless to say one of them threw up all over the place and I had to clean it up. The most embarrassing part was they were in their late thirties, most likely in a softball league. † On a typical Saturday night at Red Robin, there would be two DMO’s. So why was Zach the only one on that night? Because people are lazy. † Zach laughs at his own joke and states â€Å" actually I’m just kidding, I would probably quit if I could. Plus I couldn’t give up on your Uncle. He gave me the job in the first place. † My brother shows me his hands and they are very pruny from working with the water and the soap. During the winter, when his hands would dry from being pruny, they would often crack and sometimes even bleed. This is all the norm when it comes to washing dishes, but people never see the little things that come in to play to make a restaurant run. Another terrible part about Zach’s job is closing. Who ever is the DMO that night is usually the last one to leave the restaurant, along with the manager. The DMO has to clean every last dish and also help put them away. Out side there are around ten to fifteen trash bags filled with disgusting food and other restaurant supplies that have to be walked across the parking lot and into the dumpster. â€Å" Then when you are all set to go home and you get into your car, you realize you smell so bad and cannot wait to take a shower. Man, that shower feels great every night! † As I’m about to leave Red Robin, one of the waiters shouts to the back of the kitchen â€Å" Hey Zach, can you clean up table 83? A baby just knocked down a glass of beer. I would pick it up but I got so many tables tonight. † After Zach hears the question, it seems like he does not even listen to the waiters excuse. Right away he stops washing dishes and grabs the mop and heads to clean up the mess. â€Å"Yup, you got to love being a DMO† he says in a sarcastic tone and walks away, going to do his job. How to cite Dish Washing, Essay examples

Business Context Wesfarmers

Question: Discuss about the Business Contextfor Wesfarmers. Answer: Wesfarmers was formed in 1914 as Western Australian Farmers Cooperative and since then it has reached to one of the largest listed companies in Australia. It has the headquarter in Western Australia and their assorted business operations involves convenience stores, hotels, liquor, supermarkets, departmental stores, office supplies and products used for the improvement of homes. Wesfarmers are one of the biggest private sectors for the employers that are employing around 220,000 and shareholders amounted to 530,000 (, 2017). The main objectives of the firm is to offer a satisfactory service to their customers and return to their shareholders through fulfilling the requirements of their consumers by providing services and goods on professional and competitive basis, offering safe working atmosphere for the staffs and rewarding the good performers and offering opportunities for career growth. Furthermore, they want to contribute to the prosperity and growth of the nations in which it operates through existing operations in efficient way and placing more emphasis on the environment protection factor. Operation with honesty and integrity in carrying out the dealing both outside as well as inside the entity is their main aim. Over the past few years, they were able to reduce the injury rate from 15.2% to 33.4% and promoted diversity in their workplace with more than 3,300 employees that were identified as indigenous (Zentes, Morschett Schramm-Klein, 2017). As there are continuous changes in the global environment, various nations are going through the impact of increasing temperature, shortages of water and scarcity in food supplies. These changes have serious impact for the employees, communities, customers and economies. They are proactive regarding managing these issues as reacting to climatic changes will provide considerable environmental, social and economic benefits to all. Wesfarmers respond towards the climatic changes in 2 ways, primarily, actively managing and monitoring the emissions of their greenhouse gas and decrease them wherever possible and secondarily, through working to recognize the risks that take place due to changes in climate for the business and identify those risks (Chapple Humphrey, 2014). They are aware about the risks associated with their operation and importance of identifying, managing and monitoring the risks. They are facing the strategic risks from the increased competition, digital interference wit hin the structure of industry, ineffective implementation of strategies and loss of the efficient key managerial personnel. While operating, they face various challenges for loss of important deliveries or infrastructures that involves IT systems, fear of data security loss and integrity, business interference from the disputes in the industry, accidents and stoppages in work and inherent risks involved in sale and distribution of products. Further, the company faces risks from the regulatory authorities with regard to non-compliance of standards, regulations and applicable laws. Financial risks that are faced by the organization are reduction in access of fund, adverse movement in commodity prices and currency volatility (Hubbard, Rice Galvin, 2014). The board of the Wesfarmers are committed towards providing the satisfactory return to their shareholders and satisfying their corporate governance responsibilities and obligations for the best interest of the stakeholders and the organization. Their operations are aligned with the ASX Corporate Governance Councils recommendations issued on 27th march of 2014 and the Corporate Governance Principles (Sullivan Gouldson, 2016). To provide value to their customers and employees over the long run, Wesfarmers are committed to manage their environment and community proactively. Ten principles that are related to the sustainability issues and recognized as the most material fact to the organization are through: (1) Providing consistent focus for making the workplace safe (2) offering opportunities to the employees to improve their performance and career development (3) continuously trying to create an environment for work that is inclusive in nature with special attention to gender diversity and including the peoples from Torres Strait Island and aboriginal people (4) promising for respectful and strong relationship with the suppliers (5) promising to offer the customers with safe goods and services (6) continuously working towards reducing the intensity of emissions and improving the resistance level against the changes in climate (7) trying to reduce the waste from water and landfill and using that wherever is possible (8) maintain strict policies for corporate governance in all of their businesses (9) creating a positive involvement to the people, wherever they operate and (10) striving to generate products in responsible way when working with the suppliers to develop their environmental and social practices (Adams, 2016). Wesfarmers take advantages of various strategies over the leadership management, organizational structure, investment control, capital asset calculation and organizational control. They also use the diversification strategy. They have 9 business units and divisions that involves various products related to safety, coal, energy, Kmart, Target, Coles and each of the divisions are looked after by the board of members that include executives from their divisions, corporate offices and business divisions. Each of the division has its own rules and regulation for the operation and is responsible for implementing the strategies for the business and divisions. The acquisition strategy of Wesfarmers is mainly of 2 types, that is, add-on business or additional business and the additional division. The Howard Smith that deals in hardware products was acquired as an additional business and added to their existing business of Burnings. Moreover, Coles was also acquired as an additional division t o this group as add-on division. The strategy of Wesfarmers at business level is different from others as they have 9 divisions and each of the division can have its own strategy and each division also had different departments for corporate services. However, all the divisions are required to attain the goal that is calculated in terms of return on equity and the return on capital. Furthermore, they require to provide their individual balance sheet. They have a set for minimum return rate at their division as well as business level. From analysis of their operation, structure and environment, it is identified that the factors that have an impact on the company are the political factors, sociological factor, economic factor, technological factor, environmental factor and legal factors (Rowe et al., 2014). The government of Australia has established a legislative framework for the mining operation and the state government can implement various laws depend on the situation. The exploitation activity is looked after by the agreement of state government. Moreover, the law regarding the carbon tax is also been issued. Thus the resource business and energy division is governed by the regulations and the company shall be concerned about the cost of carbon tax and the agreement of state government (Sullivan Gouldson, 2016). Owing to the recession in global economy the sales of Kmart, Target and Coles were highly impacted. Increase of unemployment level may lead to reduction of revenue from the insurance and office supplies. However, the Coles group was the second biggest in the supermarket chain from Australia having more than 745 stores (Klettner, Clarke Boersma, 2014). In the Australian culture, it is very common for a family to spent large amount of money in supermarkets and the housewives from Australia are more likely to purchase products costing more than $100 per week for their families from supermarket. Therefore, the Coles group has good opportunity of earning good money from the Australian family (Akbar Ahsan, 2014). One of the best mining nations around the globe is Australia. Their mining industry and mine resources are better than many countries around the world. Their mining firms make the combination of most innovative technologies, products, equipments and services with a view to create the production more efficiently while promoting the safety in processing of mineral, new technology and environmental protection (Farivar et al., 2016). The legal system of Australia is very sound and involves the laws for natural resources, labour related laws and various business laws. These laws must be followed by Wesfarmers strictly to assure the implementation of crucial management criteria (Jones, Comfort Hillier, 2014). It is concluded from the above discussion that Wesfarmers is conducting their business in well manner and comply all the necessary rules and regulations of Australia. To increase the revenue, Coles started cooperating with Shell for providing petrol services. Coles also have big market share from Australia that can offer the shareholders with high return. Australian people are more likely to prefer the one-stop shopping, Burnings offers wide range of hardware products with competitive prices while Kmart and Target sell electronics and cloth at minimum price. All these factors will contribute for earning high revenue. Their diverse business involves energy, mining, coal, fertilizers and chemicals. They must utilize a good technical foundation for assuring the development of the enterprise. They should also focus more on environment protection as the natural resources in Australia are managed very well and the government of Australia always focuses on protection of environment. References: Adams, M. A. (2016). Contemporary case studies in corporate governance failures.Governance Directions,68(6), 335. Akbar, S., Ahsan, K. (2014). Analysis of corporate social disclosure practices of Australian retail firms.International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting,6(4), 375-396. Chapple, L., Humphrey, J. E. (2014). Does board gender diversity have a financial impact? Evidence using stock portfolio performance.Journal of Business Ethics,122(4), 709-723. Farivar, F., Farivar, F., Scott-Ladd, B., Scott-Ladd, B. (2016). Growing corporate social responsibility communication through online social networking in Iran.International Journal of Organizational Analysis,24(2), 274-290. Home. (2017). Retrieved 15 April 2017, from Hubbard, G., Rice, J., Galvin, P. (2014).Strategic management. Pearson Australia. Jones, P., Comfort, D., Hillier, D. (2014). Environmental and Social Programmes and Rapidly Growing Retailers.Economia Seria Management,17(1), 5-17. Klettner, A., Clarke, T., Boersma, M. (2014). The governance of corporate sustainability: Empirical insights into the development, leadership and implementation of responsible business strategy.Journal of Business Ethics,122(1), 145-165. Rowe, A. L., Nowak, M., Quaddus, M., Naude, M. (2014). Stakeholder engagement and sustainable corporate community investment.Business Strategy and the Environment,23(7), 461-474. Sullivan, R., Gouldson, A. (2016). The Governance of Corporate Responses to Climate Change: An International Comparison.Business Strategy and the Environment. Sullivan, R., Gouldson, A. (2016). The Governance of Corporate Responses to Climate Change: An International Comparison.Business Strategy and the Environment. Zentes, J., Morschett, D., Schramm-Klein, H. (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility. InStrategic Retail Management(pp. 207-226). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden.